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claiming silver knowledge and bronze brave ignore my ugly gxe on this acc
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update: gonna ask for platinum knowledge
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Back again, this time claiming platinum Guts.

Lead Slaking is an absolute menace. Nothing really wants to stay in so unless they have gengar one of their mons is eating a CB focus punch. This is usually skarm who is then setup fodder for superachi since most people protect to scout fire punch.

If blaziken gets in safely he forces a lot of switches and is a good switch into gengar should they have one. I often netted more than 1 kill with him, i highly recommend hp ice for dastardly DD mences who otherwise set ip on blaziken and the occasional flygon.

My last BL knight was registeel who honestly was usually not super great. He was extremely specially tanky, a good choice locked rock or steel move resist, and a reasonable last ditch effort curse sweeper. That said even after a curse he didnt threaten much, and would almost always lose to the most common last mon sweeper suicune. But a lot of people didnt respect him so he would often get a couple free turns after which he was actually pretty damn hard to stop. Any non-cm special attacker that wasnt charizard or moltres got completely walled.





Last few replays, lmk if more are needed.

Acc name: ADV Menace


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